How to Live more in Harmony with your Body

When one thinks about Spirituality, diet, nutrition and health are not always the first thing that comes to mind. Even so, the state of your well-being, has a great deal to do with what you will be able to achieve spiritually.

If you wake up in the morning groggy, or have to deal with brain fogginess, you may feel be less motivated to meditate, practice energy movements or other skills.

You may even find that you keep falling asleep as you move into a deeper meditative state.

Your Awareness won’t be as sharp, and you may be dragging…

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Verses 1-8 Discussion

Within the First Few verses are techniques dealing specifically with breathing.

Since breathing is our direct link to our mind and the only autonomous function of our bodies that we are capable of override and manually operating, it makes sense that one would start with breathing.

The key in these versus, which are separate techniques, is the core message within them.
It is the point between your inhale and exhale or your exhale and inhale that is a window of opportunity for you to do something special.

It is within that point, that moment, when you are not breathing, that a presence…

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The 3 Core Skills You Need to Master

In the wide scope of spirituality, there are many abilities you’ll hear written of in ancient texts, and teachings.

They all seem out of this world impossible, but as one learns more about the metaphysical nature of reality, that light of truth dispelled the shadows of doubt.

Doubt is one the main limiting factor that prevents people from doing what the great masters did.

Doubt though can be easily transmuted into belief, and belief into inner knowing.

How this is done?

By systematically learning a series of basic skills that don’t seem like huge stretches of the imagination.

Each step leads you closer and closer…

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