Stages of Meditation – Clarity

When we meditate, we go through several stages.

In first stage we find that we are able to process thoughts more clearly. Things that were on your mind, or in the background of your thoughts come to the forefront. You can then either address them, or acknowledge them and let the thoughts float away. This process allows you to focus more on the tasks at hand. It’s like tidying up a room or workspace, so you can work more efficiently.

What we call this stage is “Clarity” or “Non-Thought”. This means that you are not thinking with words in your…

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Meditation: How To Meditate – Step by Step Part 03

Now, I’m going to Teach you the CORE ENERGY MEDITATION.

This is the Main Meditation that you should be practicing at least once, preferably twice per day.  The previous two Practices can be done once a day, but if you want to be hardcore about your Spirituality, you can precede your Core Meditation by working with the Tones and your Energy to prepare you for your Meditation.

Now, I want to make something clear.  You can either do this or not do this.  You can do it once a day, once a week, once a month, or two or more times…

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How to Meditate – Step-By-Step Part 02

In Part 01, we discussed some of the many benefits to meditation.  If you do your research online, you will see an abundant amount of positive research being done regarding the benefits of meditation.  In this article we are going to look at How to Meditate Step by Step.

Let’s face it, there are THOUSANDS of Styles of Meditation.  Some are obviously going to be better than others for various purposes.  As this site is dedicated towards the pursuit of Awakening a Higher Level of Consciousness, Perception, and Spiritual Understanding; the types of Meditation that lend itself to this process…

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