How to Meditate – The Meditation Toolkit Part 01

Meditation is the foundation and fundamental skill that all spiritual seekers use in order to fulfill their desire to have conscious knowing of who and what they are beyond their physical body. Meditation allows you to tap into other energies, frequencies, or layers of reality that you wouldn’t normally have access to. Why is this? Well, all our brains function in a similar fashion.

It is designed to tune into our immediate environment based on the light waves, sound wave, chemicals it can sense in the air, physical matter it can touch and taste. There are other realities Spiritual Seekers…

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Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

I recently had a student ask me for ways to become more Lucid while dreaming so that he could control his dreams. Lucid dreaming is quite a remarkable thing. Within your dream you achieve a level of freedom we all long for in the waking world.

In truth we are always dreaming. Right now you are dreaming. This world we think as our waking world is nothing more than the dream of the Universe, God, or whatever you wish to label it.

Somewhere inside you, you KNOW that some of the things you can do…

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The Code

This is an Evolving Code. Like a Computer Program, this code is the core instructions for a computer to follow to achieve a specific purpose. These set of Core Principles, are the very thoughts and concepts, that need consistent reflection and mastery, in order to attain a State of Awakening and Enlightenment.

The idea came to me as I was reading the 8 Limbs of PataƱjali, which are the basic Principles of Yoga. These served as a basic tool or map for those learning to enter into a state of Yoga (Union with the Divine)…

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