Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

I recently had a student ask me for ways to become more Lucid while dreaming so that he could control his dreams. Lucid dreaming is quite a remarkable thing. Within your dream you achieve a level of freedom we all long for in the waking world.

In truth we are always dreaming. Right now you are dreaming. This world we think as our waking world is nothing more than the dream of the Universe, God, or whatever you wish to label it.

Somewhere inside you, you KNOW that some of the things you can do…

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Your Spiritual Center and the Ultimate Truth

I received an email a couple days ago, from a reader who mentioned some of the teachings she’s studied in the past, very potent knowledge.

It stirred the gears of my mind and I decided to share a few things with her, that I felt should be shared on this site as well.

Here is it:

“I’ve read a lot of Gurdjieff’s work too with the 4th way people. 

It’s good stuff.  The more you study different philosophies the more you will see a common thread within them all,  stringing them all together like a precious pearl necklace. 

The core…

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How to Live more in Harmony with your Body

When one thinks about Spirituality, diet, nutrition and health are not always the first thing that comes to mind. Even so, the state of your well-being, has a great deal to do with what you will be able to achieve spiritually.

If you wake up in the morning groggy, or have to deal with brain fogginess, you may feel be less motivated to meditate, practice energy movements or other skills.

You may even find that you keep falling asleep as you move into a deeper meditative state.

Your Awareness won’t be as sharp, and you may be dragging…

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