Centering Within Your Consciousness Leads to Awakening

Lately I’ve been practicing shifting into different states of Consciousness and observing how Unique  each state I was in, and the whole inner-dance that takes place during the day, the ‘wave’ of I’s that pulsate through my brain daily.  I’ve always been ‘drawn’ to the concept of the ‘chest center’ and our Middle Pillar, our ‘Higher Consciousness’, and its relation to Awakening and Enlightenment.

My Ultimate Goal is to Awaken Fully in this Dimension, as I have had many “Awakenings”, it is the Realizations of all those Awakening put together that will become a ‘level’ of Enlightenment for me.  In order to have a Realization, one must experience a moment of Awakening, a Satori Moment, but not one that simply ‘Births’ an Idea, but One that Births Your Soul, your Higher Consciousness into this Dimension.

It becomes Awake Here, for the First Time, not just ‘watching from the ‘background’ observing your Reality but able to Interact with it, fully able to use the Knowledge and Energy Sources it has at its disposal to affect this dimension, this reality, in the same way as the Great Masters and Mystics of Old…

Imagine Feeling into your Body to become Aware of your True Center.  As you do this you begin to Feel your Energy vibrating.  You Feel your Self ‘Humming’ inside your body, like a Pillar of Energy Vibrating through your Spine, but Radiating outwards past the extremities of the body.   As you Realize that the Awareness you Feel Inside is You, your Awareness travels inwards and reflects outwards and you become Aware of your Surroundings from the ‘Perspective’ of your True Self, not from the Brain, your Organic Self.

This simple Exercise can propel one into Awakening, because the very ‘act’ of doing it, ‘awakens’ you, if you go ‘into’ it, with ‘surrender’.  You ‘feel’  Prana (the life-force of God, the essence of which everything is made up of) within you and around you.  You Become Prana-Mindful automatically, because you will ‘see’ it everywhere.

If you don’t ‘zone out’, and actually get ‘into the moment’ and observe this Dimension, you will start to move in-between.  You will see the energy vibrating on the object in your presence, you will ‘feel’ your Energy Vibration ‘speeding up’ or ‘oscillating’ faster and faster.

You feel your presence move through everything, the Brain and Mind, Silent in Observance of Your Essence radiating forth.  Your Mind Jumps into Hyper-dimension, and yet you feel that can go further.  The Longer you maintain it, move with it, dance with it, the ‘Reflection’ Inwards, the Consciousness of the Force, connects the Part of God that is Within You, to the Part of God that You are Within, and the 2 become 1. You Widely Awaken…

An Inner Bubbling starts to stir within, but you are aware.  It makes you feel curious, and you are amused that it made you feel curious, and yet you watch these feelings and just ‘allow’ them to be.  No need to struggle. There is the Awareness, Presence, Non-Thought and Intent, While still Mindful of the Force and in Complete Surrender, that is the Essence of Your Being, the Portal into your Higher Consciousness, and you just Breathe…

Our Consciousness is Multi-dimensional, vibrating at multiple frequencies.  We are plugged into the Body and This Dimension, so our Awareness is moving Outwards, and ‘Sub-Consciously’ processing this Reality into the Mind, while our Forward Consciousness ‘Interacts’ with it, through the Mind.   That is the ‘loop’ of this Dimension, the Programming or Virtual Reality that we Experience as Reality.

By Turning Inwards, It is as if our Forward Consciousness Merges Inwards with our Sub-Conscious.  All our Energy, All our Consciousness is ‘recoiled’ and ‘brought Forward’, which is really ‘inward’, and like a ‘Star being Born’ create a kind of ‘thermonuclear fusion’, that Propels the Vibration of our Consciousness to a faster rate, till we end up in ‘HyperDimension’, which is like the Star now Radiating all that Energy it had turned inwards now ‘outwards’, but Simultaneously, thus creating the 3rd.

It is as if  ‘Gravity’ moves Prana/gases Into the Sun, and at its Core, is projected and released as a ‘complex’ vibration/coded data’, outwards, and becomes a ‘conduit’ for the Force/Life.  We become like this during the time we spend turning inwards into our Consciousness and Shifting it to Higher and Higher Frequencies.  How do we do this?

Well, first you need to start off with Non-Thought. Become very Clear.  Then you need to start Feeling from your Chest Center and ‘center your awareness’ there instead of in your brain.  In other words, think and feel from your heart not your head.   Think with Emotion/Feeling instead of with Words.

Now you want to ‘Feel your Energy Field’.  Your What your Body Feels like, your Presence, what do you feel like right now?  What does your Energy feel like?  Can you Feel your Energy Body?  If Not, do some Energy Movements, such as, Breath In and expand your energy like a bubble outwards, hold and then exhale and pull it inwards.

Having the BELIEF THAT YOU’RE DOING IT, Will Allow You to ‘Notice’ the Subtle Feeling of your Energy Moving, the Differences you feel, ‘before, during and after’.

If you can feel your Energy, Identify with it. You Already Know you are Energy and Not the Body, so Dis-Identify with the Body Now…You are within the ‘apparent duality’, and yet All is One.  Surrender to it.  You are now able to ‘feel and move’ your Energy just like you can your breathing/lungs..

Now Have the Intention to Feel your Inner Tonal, your Middle Pillar, your True Self, and while feeling, holding your Energy, your Awareness, turn inward within the feeling of your Heart/Chest Center, the Soft Pressure within your Chest Area.  Feel Into it, while being aware of your energy as You.  You are Really ‘feeling Energy’.  You are ‘feeling’ OUTSIDE of this Dimension.  Your Consciousness Will Start to Shift.

Breathe steadily.  You can use your Breathing to ‘Throddle’ your Energy.  The more Intensely your ‘Move Into’ the Feeling by Surrendering, while maintaining your Intent to Move Deeper Into Your ‘Self’, you will feel your energy within you, around you ‘shift’, it will feel more Intense.

You will need to have awareness of your breath to ‘steady’ yourself, while moving about and observing from the state you are in.  Realize how ‘different’ the state you are in is from before, and take notice of each ‘distinct’ shift, you feel, the different types of ‘states’ you move through, and how things, ‘Feel and Look’ from these states.

You will start to see Energy around you more, the walls will look like they are ‘rippling’, you will see Prana Everywhere, static energy, Auras, patterns within patterns, etc.

You want to continue breathing and shifting your energy.  For me, each ‘breath cycle’, is like ‘rowing a boat’ in how my ‘energy feels’ when I’m shifting it, like its not a ‘Continuous steady, Acceleration, but very fast, Rapid Waves, kind of like I was ‘actually’ driving a Car Standard, and how when you it the clutch to shift gears there that ‘coasting’ moment before the next gear kicks it.

When I Inhale, its like I lifted the ‘Clutch’ and Exhale, I drop it into next gear and I’m ‘propelled’ even further.  Now my Intent is what is Propelling me, or Causing me to move.  I am in Essence ‘Navigating my Consciousness from a Higher State of Awareness’.

Now that you are moving, as you notice the Prana around you, you want to set your Intent to Absorb it, Invite it into you, open up to it, and merge with it and your move inwards.  The longer you can do this, the faster you will be vibrating.  Observe the Environment around you.

Feel everything, Experience/Assimilate this Dimension.  Hold the Entire Room you are In, In your Consciousness.  Feel it like it was all codes, like the Matrix codes moving up and down the walls, but its not visual code, its Energy.  You can Feel it right now.

You can see it, the energy ‘glow’, or ‘shimmer’ permeating everything around you, and filling space between you and everything else.  Its there… You Just Perceive everything as it is and not as you are ‘used to’ thinking it is.  You will see the Truth of it.  Realizations will just ‘Come’ to you as you reflect on how things look and feel in the world around you.

When I think about maintaining my Consciousness and my Tonal, this ‘Act of Consciousness’, the Process of Turning Inwards into Yourself, allows a Spiritual Person to ‘Awaken’ to whatever ‘Degree’ they needed to be, once they Experienced what it is to be Awake.

Now they have a MAP that they can Use to Find Their Way Back Home Again, whenever they need to be in a ‘more’ Awakened State of Consciousness.   So as You  ‘monitor’ your State of Consciousness, your Vibration, throughout the day, You can ‘Throttle Up’ or ‘Throttle Down’ your energy vibration/frequency, by using these techniques.

That is what Awakening is All about, learning to Operate from your ‘True Center’ instead of the Brain or Mind.  It is about Becoming Your Higher Consciousness, than being the Brain just ‘psychically’ relaying back and forth with your Higher Consciousness.  The Difference between a Psychic and and Awakened Being is the Psychic can Tap their Higher Consciousness or ‘work’ with it, to some degree, the Awakened Being ‘IS’ the Higher Consciousness.

The Pathways to your True Center, or “the Portal” that Allows my True Center to Exist in this Dimension as One, from the  Bondage of the Brain, the Organic Body, are Awareness, Clarity and Fluidity.  These are the Tools to ‘Center’ your Consciousness, so you can Connect with your Higher Self and Operate from that State of Consciousness, and therefore become Awake.

The better you are utilizing these abilities, the more equipped you will be to be able to ‘Shift’ your Consciousness at Will, and Enter into a Centered, Higher State of Consciousness, to perceive something differently, to ‘conceive’ from a higher state of Conscious Thought, or to affect this dimension Spiritually or Mystically, such as scanning, telepathy, healing, manifestation, mind projection, bending time/space, etc.

In Essence you are Folding your Consciousness Inwards so as to ‘travel’ or ‘journey’ inwards into your True Self, and Emerge ‘As’ your True Self, for whatever ‘Period’ you manage to maintain that State. But you are Never the Same.  There is a new ‘Level’ to your Awareness that didn’t Exist before.  You had Awoken.  A part of you can remain Awaken even while you ‘deal’ with life and Reality.   It is apart of you,  it is You.  You become aware of your Multi-dimensionality.

I hope that You, the Reader, give this a ‘Fair Shake’.  If you are a ‘Spiritual, Aware’ person, and are seeking Higher Consciousness, Union, Oneness, Enlightenment, Awakening, Spiritual or Mystical Experiences, this is definitely something you need to Reflect upon and decide for yourself.  If you do it with Sincerity, then all the Doors will be open to you.  You are After all, learning to connect with the Truest Form of You that with Within You.

All the Answers are within You.  It is simply for someone to show you where the door is and how to open it, but it is YOU who has to Enter.  When you do, Oh the Wonders you Experience!  You will realize that you ‘Found Something’ Special, and it is within YOU.

To get the Most out of The Techniques listed above I recommend that you start a Regular Meditation Practice, which incorporates techniques to get your Sixth Sense Active, quiet the Mind Chatter, Focus your Mind and Willpower, attract and absorb ‘the Highest Quality of Energy’, Prana, and recharge and balance your Nervous System and Energy Centers, Chakras, etc.

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Centering Within Your Consciousness Leads to Awakening

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