Developing Empathy Unlocks Spiritual Development

What exactly is empathy? In my research and journey, I’ve come to realize that there are different kinds of Empathy or what people experience as empathy, and I’ve come to see it as a type of Sensory, that humans have which allows us to gain or acquire knowledge or data from sources beyond the limits of the 5 senses.

One type of empathy is Physical or Psychic Empathy, which relates to perceiving the Organic processes within a person, such as their bio-chemical emotion state, thoughts or Intentions they have set within themselves. The other type which I am interested in is Spiritual or Energetic Empathy, which relates to the feeling, vibration one receives about a person, place, thing or frequency of energy that can be experienced or attuned to.

I would define Empathic Sensory as the ability to tune your consciousness into the same frequency as another person, place or thing, so that you consciously experience that vibration within you, as a part of you. Emotions are the easiest vibrations to detect, but you can also detect innate vibrations and imprints from objects or an environment as if it were a part of you, in its many layers, as if you were touching it, smelling it, tasting it, becoming it, like it was within you, all at the same time.

You walk into a house and you perceive a feeling, as if to say the place feels very stale or thick, whereas you go to another house and it may look exactly the same as the first one, but it feels more inviting or welcoming, or relaxing. What you are experiencing is the energy of the environment, absorbed by the furniture the walls, the physical matter of the place, through the air all around.

What most people don’t realize is that you can actually project your energy outwards with a positive vibrational pattern or frequency into the environment while you’re in that empathic state. You begin tuning into and experiencing the environment internally like it’s a part of you, and the energy inside the place will then become a warm, cozy, inviting energy that others around you will experience themselves.

It’s something I’ve done myself many times so I know it works and I’ve seen how those around me who aren’t aware of what I’m doing with my mind, react to the positive waves I broadcast, thus showing me that these things are more than possible, they are a reality.

I remember one time I was coming home from work on the subway in the city where I live, and the train I was in was stopped at a station, with one of the riders arguing with the driver while we were in route, and the driver was trying to kick the rider off the train. The hostile energy between them was starting to build up, and so instead of doing nothing, I empathically sensed them, and simultaneously went within myself and invoked a peaceful, loving, joyous feeling.

Then I projected it towards the rider and the driver but the energy wave bounced back, as if it wasn’t intense enough to break apart their darker energies, so with time ticking away, I invoked a deeper sense of passion, or a desire to be free of tension, a love for Life and Harmony, and blasted that vibration at them again, and within 2 seconds they just stopped shouting, looked at each other and the rider walked away. It was a like the Holographic Reality we exist within just Reset itself, preventing the energetic buildup from manifesting into physical violence.

Realize that Spiritual Empathy is the core skill or ability that resides within all Souls, all Consciousness. It is the way Conscious Thinks and Perceives Reality, the Eyes and Ears of your Souls, your Energy Body. Energy connects us to things around us by vibrating at same pattern within us, like putting something into your mouth so you can tell what it is. You feel as if you’ve become the very things you perceive.

Empathy in a spiritual sense allows you to tune into whatever you are empathically sensing, and vibrating at that same frequency as if it was part of you. When you do this it becomes a part of you, and you now ‘know’ that frequency intimately.

The deeper you can go in your ‘assimilation’ of that frequency, the more data and knowledge you will have access to, and the more effectively you will be able to interact with the frequency you are tuning into, which will have an effect on any person, place, thing, in resonance with that frequency.

The key is to realize that everything in reality is energy and has a vibration, pattern, or rhythm, which you can tune into or sync yourself with, much like a radio does when you turn the tuner dial, and you change its vibration and sync from one state to another vibration, moving from 91.1 to 95.5 on your dial.

Some people say you can achieve these things through visualization techniques or holographic techniques which incorporate all 5 senses into your mental hologram or landscape. These techniques are good, but they are all Organic based, meaning they all relate to how your Brain processes reality. You see in color because your eyes see in color. If you were an animal, you may see in black and white only, or in some other spectrum of light human eyes can’t perceive, and you would think in that way.

Empathic Sensory is about learning to experience the vibrations of energy directly, than relying on 3rd dimensional perspectives. Energy is the basis of everything, so experiencing the empathic vibration of a feather in your hand is a purer form of experience than what your eyes, ears or fingers can tell you. You Feel it, You Become It, You Know it internally, not just what’s on the surface.

If you use your Empathic Sensory and your 5 senses all together, you will be using All your Senses to their fullest than relying primarily on your sight or hearing as most people do. What would your life be like if you were able tune into and detect a level of interaction between all things in existence that was beyond your organic 5 senses, something that has been going on all this time, but everyone misses? Would you be the same? How would it change your everyday actions?

If you knew that you could use your mind to help alleviate the pain and suffering someone you loved was going through, would you help? If you knew you could tune into the vibration of the physical body of someone you loved, who was suffering from an illness, and ‘will’ that person well, would you help?

If someone came to you and told you that they could teach you to do these things, and you would be able to use your newfound gifts to benefit others, and add to the flowering of a beautiful and prosperous future for all, would you be willing to put forth the time and energy and learn to master the skills and abilities laying dormant and latent within you?

Your True Self, It is Pure, it is Energy, it is Spirit, it is God. It is your Spiritual Consciousness that IS YOU, not your Organic Consciousness You are Within, that you need to learn to awaken and remain awake, so as to realize that sense of completion and fulfillment you’ve always been searching for, a path that has followed you around because the doorway is within you.

You only need to walk through it and cross over to the other side and take your seat on the throne of our Inner Consciousness, for you are the Governing Force that guides and directs and gives life to the body, not the body, nor its linguistic thoughts or emotional bio-chemical processes, you are Pure Energy, Empathy, Vibration, Consciousness.

If you stick with using only your eyes or ears, a brain which can only understand what it’s programmed to interpret, you are unable to tap into these frequencies of knowledge and data, or gain spiritual experiences in your life, because your brain or Organic Consciousness wasn’t built for those things.

Our Minds and Energy/Spiritual Consciousness was and is designed to do these things. Sometimes people do have experiences where they suddenly know something, but have no clue from where they learned it.

When you become skilled at using your Empathic Sensory, like you are at using your other senses, you will be able to tap into energy frequencies of pure data, and other dimensions that are beyond this dimensional speed, vibration or bandwidth, we perceive as our present reality.

As you learn to distinguish between different vibrations, what they are and relate to the more paranormal, extra dimensional, metaphysical experiences, you will be able to expand your range of application to be able to use your sensory not just for scanning or assimilating objects or environments you are physically near or within, but be able to project your Consciousness to anywhere you want and even tangibly interact with people or objects around you in that dimensional space.

The Database of Consciousness, otherwise known as the Akashic Records, is Real and opens you up to a Super-Internet database worth of Energetic Frequencies and Vibrations, you can Empathically Vibration with, become and know its Secrets.

Once you’re energetically in sync with it, by simply wanting to know something, having an Intention, the frequencies will filter out and what will be left will be the knowledge you wanted to know, the experience you wanted to have. As long as you are Mindful to remain ‘online, connected or logged into’ the Database of Consciousness, or empathically attuned to it, you can explore that dimensional space as long as you are.

While there you can do things like Invoke a person who lived in the past, their Essence, Vibration and learn things that they did or knowledge they had, and assimilate it into your Consciousness, and use it. You can even watch events that happened in the past, from a variety of different perspectives, so as to get a holistic understanding; the list goes on and on.

This is all possible because of the Energy within you, and its ability to interface with your Psychic or Holographic Mind’s Eye, so you can see a visual or 5 sensory representation of the environment, person, objects or frequencies you are tuning into.

This is the Core Ability that all Mystical abilities are based upon. All Spiritual Masters understood how to utilize their Minds and True Self, the Part of you that is Energy and not Organic that is Spirit and not Flesh. This is what they were doing.

Feel it and know it. Flow within it, Expand within it, and become it by resonating with it. You will then be able move through Space and Time, through different dimensions within the Multiverse. The Universe becomes your playground.

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Developing Empathy Unlocks Spiritual Development

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams

good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks. - Thomas


Great writing! I wish you could follow up on this topic!? Enrique


Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!


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If I understand your questions correctly, you are asking if the human body can resonant various frequencies that would allow us to communicate with entities, or dimensional beings? Essentially, the electro-static or magnetic within the brain and nervous system is capable of generating various signals and frequencies which science and technology have been able to map, so as to be able to read a person's thoughts, emotions or intentions by reading your energy field. Of course these technologies are being developed to counter-terrorism, but they show us that our bodies have energies within it that is radiates and or can project, which can be detected and measured with physical devices, giving us more layers to add to our belief in what is possible. Spiritually you can use your energies to communicate with other beings if the two of you are able to sync your energy pattern or frequency, into the same vibratory range or speed. Space and Distance wouldn't matter. Frequencies exist within their own 'dimension' or 'channel', so once you tune into that vibratory pattern, you are in that dimension or frequency and can communicate with any entity, species, or being within that bandwidth with you. Remember, we all see each other and can communicate with each other because we are all vibrating at the same speed or rate. If you could speed up your vibration, you would be able to vanish from before my eyes, but a video camera would still be able to pick you up.

De Harps
De Harps

Are we biologically designed to be resonant structures for facilitating inter-entity transmissions?


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