Harnessing Energy for Psychic and Spiritual Development

Have you ever wanted to be able to develop the abilities of Remote Viewing, ESP, Telepathy, Healing, or Precognition?

Well, many people claim, and have claimed to have these types of abilities, and have been able to demonstrate them on numerous occasions, myself included.   On my journey, I’ve spent many hours, observing and reflecting on my inner thoughts and processes, whenever I utilized different abilities or achieved various mystical or paranormal effects.

This has given me a wealth of knowledge and understanding into how these different abilities work and how they can be replicated by others, who are capable of assimilating, this kind of knowledge.  It is this kind of cutting-edge training and teachings that this site is gearing towards, over the coming months.

The basis of all Abilities is “ENERGY”.  The abilities I mentioned earlier, Remote Viewing, ESP, Telepathy, and so forth are all related in that they are about your ability to SEE, or Perceive, Send-Receive Data, from the world around you beyond the reach of your 5 senses.   They are about using your Energy in a Way that allows you to Send-Receive knowledge and information in a way that your Brain can easily understand.

5-sensesThe type of information your brain understands are based on your 5 senses,  visual, auditory, tactile, and so your brain is literally hard-wired to understand and comprehend this type of data.

The reality is that we don’t use the full potential of our brains, and our “electro-magnetic” Mind Energy is capable of understanding and accessing data far beyond the range of your 5 senses.

This energy is what some call the Spirit, Prana, or Consciousness of a person.  This is the part of them that according to Quantum Mechanics, has the capacity to affect matter through the observation and focus of the attention of your Energy or Spiritual Consciousness.

This energy is a vibrational frequency of bandwidth of energy that contains all your experiences, thoughts, intentions, everything that is you, as a pattern that is vibrating constantly within the present moment that makes up you.

Science is now realizing that the brain doesn’t store our memories, but simply allows us to “tune into” our memories, and that our memories are actually stored as energy within your electro-magnetic field of your bodies.

That same energy, if it becomes strong enough, like having a generator powerful enough to power an entire house or city, instead of just a single light bulb, is what allows people to have enough energy to use up to do psychic feats or paranormal effects.

holding-energy-ballIf you want to move an object with your mind, you will need to use the same amount or density of energy, ‘an equal and opposite force’ will need to be applied to it, that is the laws of nature.  In the same way, if you want to project your mind to another part of your house, city, country, planet, galaxy or universe, you will need to generate the necessary levels or intensity of energy  to be able to ‘power’ that ability for the effect you want to achieve.

If you collect your energy together enough to create a ball of energy that you program with an intention or purpose, to serve as a ‘Satellite or Probe’, for you to use to gain or acquire information, etc, it will only last as long as you’ve put energy and coding into it.

If you want it to do many different things, that requires more energy and a higher level of skill to be able to encode those many Intentions into the programming of this ball of energy.

If you simplify the task or purpose, to 1 to 3 things at the most, you can utilize the same amount of energy to create multiple Satellites or Probes, each with a sufficient amount of energy to fulfill its directed purpose and intentions, and return to you with results.

alex-gray-energy-bodiesIf you can see Auras, you probably then have realized that the physical body sits within your Aura of Body of Energy.  Your energy or spirit is not merely within your body, it is like a cell that has a nucleus in the center, your body being that nucleus of your Energy body, your brain and nervous system being where that energy interests and interconnects the most intensely.

This is where Chakra points, or Energy Centers of the body come into play, for these are they sources of energy that one taps into when they want to do something psychic or mystical.

These centers are like Stars within space that have both a gravitation pull and an electro-magnetic push, allowing energy to flow inwards and outwards simultaneously.   Within your Energy Body there exist multiple dimensions of frequencies, like a symphony orchestra made up of many different instruments all playing in harmony.

The 3 main Centers are your Chi or Bodies Bio Energy, your Heart center or Emotional Energy, and your Mind center or 3rd Eye, Psychic Energy.  Martial arts masters and Metaphysical Healers have demonstrated in the past, their ability to volt their own energy into someone to push someone or an object, to jolt them, or stimulate various acupuncture points to heal the body.

This they accomplish using Chi.  Chi energy is good for someone who is into sports, or participates in physically strenuous activities, as this energy will allow them to ‘power through’ their events with energy to spare.  You can lift more weights if you know how to use chi.  You can punch harder if you know how to use chi, you can jump higher, run faster, do everything a normal person does physically but to near super-human levels.

Energy healers, who work with Heart energy are able to stimulate the body to regenerate cells, tissues, and organs, affect plant life, heal various emotional scars and blockages within a person’s psyche, even remove cancer or other ailments from the body, through Emotional, Heart energy.

Empathy and Telepathy are also achieved through heart energy.  By feeling as if you are someone else, you can connect your energy with theirs and then receive data from them.  The first level of data you will receive is always their emotional state.

If you go deeper, you will be able to detect their thoughts and intentions, which will feel like deeper subtle undercurrents within their energy body, whereas their emotions feels like surface weather patterns, like the waves of the sea.

Each energy frequency you can detect has its own unique vibration or pattern, which has a certain ‘feeling’ to it in the way you experience that frequency, is the only way to really describe it.  Just remember that it is not a feeling like an emotion, but more like intuition or an inner-knowing.

Mental or Psychic Energy allows a person to link their minds energies together with others.  Since your mental state sets the tone or rhythm for your physical state, working on a psychic or mental level is very important to learn how to use or guard against if it’s being used against you in a negative way.

A psychic healer would visualize the person they want to heal, which tunes them into you, and then visualize you getting better, physically seeing the changes in their “Mind’s Eye”, believing and accepting what they are seeing or creating as the purest, truest, reality.

Since your Brain doesn’t know the different between what you see in your mind or what your senses tell your brain through your mind, your energy is able to broadcast clearly and resonate with the person you want to heal, and entrains their energy to create those positive, healing effects on their minds and bodies.

Over the next few weeks, I will be explaining and breaking down for you various techniques and strategies for developing Psychic Abilities.  I will share with you “the Psychic Method” of how to use, project and receive psychic energy, as well as protect yourself from negative energies in various environments or from others in your life.

In later articles, I will teach you about the Chi and Heart Method for projecting and receiving those kinds of energies, what you can do with them, how to defend against those energies and afterwards, how to unite and combine all 3 of these energies together to manifest different abilities to have a wide variety of affects on realty.

The Foundation

In order to utilize psychic ability, you need to first belief that it exists and that it is possible, if you don’t or just kind of believe in it, then you won’t get very ‘believable’ results.  The only way to move from belief to inner knowing is to either experience it or learn about it.

Next you then need to adapt or form an understanding of how it is possible and what the basic structures for utilizing Psychic ability, so that it makes sense to you.  Then like most who learn these abilities, wonder to themselves how they could have ever doubted that things were possible!

You will find that you’ve had Real-World examples of it being true, or times when you experienced something that can be classified as Psychic or Paranormal, even though you dismissed it in your mind, it really did happen.

Once your mind is prepared, you will be able to easily, absorb, learn, and assimilate the specific techniques for achieving metaphysical effects, and then even be able to come up with your own techniques, since you have an intrinsic understanding of how psychic or paranormal abilities work.

You will not only be able to replicate these same effects, but also fine-tune or calibrate your pattern or sequence of actions, or your skill to execute a technique perfectly, with finesse, so as to achieve the highest rate of success possible.

Over the next series of upcoming articles, you will learn:

  • How Psychic Abilities Work and what is happening on a metaphysical level when a person engages in psychic activities.
  • How to recharge your Psychic Energy, once depleted and how to tap into an endless supply of energy so you Become a Super-Psychic.
  • The Psychic Mindset that you need to adapt, to allow your Psychic Energy to flow unencumbered or impeded, naturally and efficiently, and how to create your own Psychic Techniques based on this mindset.
  • The Tethering Technique to attain extra-sensory ability with any of your 5 senses or to amplify any of your senses.
  • The Dial Technique to easily navigate through thoughts or past memories, future events such as in precognition, or data programmed within objects as in psychometry.
  • The Brain Wiggle for stimulating your pineal gland and parts of your brain to awaken the full potential your brain has to offer.
  • Energy Exercises for moving and controlling the energies within and around your body so you will have the fluidity to project your energy for physical, psychic or mystical effects.

All this and more will be coming your way over the next few weeks, so stay attuned!

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Harnessing Energy for Psychic and Spiritual Development

Arrof Shons
Arrof Shons

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!


I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Saad Ali
Saad Ali

This is an amazing post! I woke up with an urge to develop more knowledge on my path of enlightenment and this is THE BEST POST i have EVER READ. Not because of the heavy information, but because it has pushed me from "so so believing" to "This is the way." THANKS!


I think you are right on the money on this Ive done my research and I've discoverd that things like this have been possible and proven since back in the 1800 if not even longer...

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